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Bluesquare is a fast growing technology company focusing on Global Health. Bluesquare’s goal is to help Global Health resources get to where it matters the most. We partner with Global Health Funds, national governments, health service purchasers, and NGOs, to help them make smarter health investments. Bluesquare’s technologies are in use in more than 30 countries and support +60 different clients, including the World Bank, the WHO, the Global Fund to Fight HIV, TB and Malaria, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, leading NGOs and consultancies.

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As we are growing our activity in Facility Registries, Structured Data Collection, Performance Based Financing and Campaign Monitoring (e.g. vaccination), mainly in Africa, we are in need of additional help to contribute to the development of our open source platform Iaso dedicated to these activities.

You can find a presentation video of the platform here 

Role & responsibilities

Support the continued development of the platform, which includes the following tasks:

  • Prioritizing and evaluating tasks with the team
  • Developing the backend application of the platform and ensuring a consistent architecture. 
  • Review the work of other contributors to the platform, including junior developers
  • Possibly contribute to the frontend development of the platform
  • Possibly contribute to the development of the Android application (e.g. by reviewing and testing mobile app developments)


This position is open to freelancers or employees.


We are looking for an experienced candidate with strong technical skills. Ideally, the following skills are desired, but we are more focused on on pragmatic attitude and experience in shipping software products than very precise technical skills :

  • Mastery of Django/Django Rest Framework or similar frameworks (RoR, Laravel, etc…)
  • Good knowledge of Python and its ecosystem
  • Practical knowledge of Docker, Docker-Compose
  • Knowledge of AWS, and in particular of Elastic Beanstalk, S3 and RDS
  • Strong relational database knowledge, ideally with PostgreSQL and Postgis
  • Knowledge of React (we build on top of Webpack/Babel currently)
  • Decent mastery of Javascript
  • Strong attention to code quality and maintainability
  • Good oral and written communication skills in English and Ideally French


  • Knowledge of Android/Java/Kotlin to be able to contribute to the mobile app development
  • Experience working with GIS tools (geographical tools)
  • Confidence with design tools like Figma or Sketch
  • Experience with mockup tools like Balsamiq/Whimsical
  • Willingness to understand a little the Global Health actors and ecosystem

Soft skills:

  • Ability to work autonomously
  • Team player with strong analytical and interpersonal skills
  • Clear and structured communication


  • Work at the crossroad between Global Health, Health Financing & Technology – using the latter to improve the former. Join a dynamic & diverse team committed to improving health access & quality, especially for the poorest. Manage projects impacting the lives of thousands of people. Get first-hand experience on public health in emerging economies. Brainstorm with us on finding solutions to the difficult geospatial data situation in developing countries.
  • Location: We have offices in Brussels, Dakar, Bujumbura or Kinshasa. The company is a “remote first” company that allows flexible duty stations. How to apply? Send us your CV, a motivation letter, and possibly a few references by email to

Description of the platform:

Iaso is a platform created to support geo-rich data collection efforts, mainly in public health in emerging countries. The key feature that it supports is that any survey is linked to an organizational unit that is part of a canonical hierarchy. Each one of these organizational units can have a location and a territory. The mobile data collection tool can be used to enrich this hierarchy with additional GPS coordinates, names corrections, etc … which can then be validated by officials of the organizations in question through the Iaso web dashboard. This leads to continuous improvements of the geographic references through the already planned routine activities (e.g. locating and registering health facilities while investigating malaria cases).

The tool has been used in multiple data collection efforts, notably in the domain of Performance Based Financing of health services in D.R. Congo, Niger, Cameroon and Nigeria and is used more and more to compare multiple versions of official organisational hierarchies when a canonical one needs to be rebuilt. For example: we are working on rebuilding a school map for DRC with the NGO Cordaid. To help this type of project, we provide location selection interfaces, multiple levels of audits and an API open to data scientists for analysis and mass edits.

Iaso is still under heavy development, but is already the basis of at least a dozen projects. On the roadmap, we have features for a patient registry, monitoring tools for data collectors, and microplanning activities (producing routes for monitoring teams). It is also extensively used in connection with DHIS2, the open source Data For Health Information System.

Iaso consists of a white labeled Android application using Java/Kotlin and reusing large parts of the ODK projects and a web platform programmed using Python/GeoDjango on top of PostGIS. Frontend is mainly React/Leaflet. One of the aims is the ease of integration with other platforms. We already have csv and geopackage imports and exports and target easy integration with OpenStreetMap.