Data Engineer & Analyst


Bluesquare is a fast growing technology company focusing on Global Health. Bluesquare’s goal is to help Global Health resources get where it matters the most. We partner with Global Health Funds, national governments, health service purchasers, NGOs, and help them make smarter health investments. Bluesquare’s technologies are in use in more than 30 countries and support +60 different clients, including the World Bank, the WHO, the Global Fund to Fight HIV, TB and Malaria, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, leading NGOs and consultancies.


We are looking for a Data Engineer & Geospatial Analyst to oversee the automation of integration data pipelines, data analysis and the deployment of data visualization solutions to help our clients to make the most out of their data in 5 key sectors:

  • Monitoring and evaluation (M&E)
  • Health financing and health Insurance
  • Supply chain monitoring
  • Geospatial data management and registries
  • Response to epidemics (Covid-19, etc.)

Projects in which you could be involved include :

  • Helping the Ministry of Health to analyse Malaria and Maternal Health data and set up actionable dashboards at national level in multiple African countries.
  • Helping the Ministry of Health to improve their geospatial data: location of facilities (health, education) and localities / population, contours, etc.
  • Support global elimination of polio through digital campaign monitoring .
  • Support the modelisation of accessibility to health care.

Our technical stack:

You will have to work with the following technologies and software:

  • Python, R & Javascript for writing data processing pipelines
  • Docker / Kubernetes / Airflow to package and deploy the data pipelines
  • The Jupyter data science ecosystem
  • Our own platforms, such as OpenHexa, Iaso and OpenIMIS
  • Geospatial software (GDAL, QGIS, map serving software, etc…)
  • Industry-standard tools such as DHIS2 and ODK
  • Data visualization tools and BI software (matplotlib, Plotly, Dash, Tableau, PowerBI…)

Roles & responsibilities

Data engineer: in collaboration with the development team, develop automatized pipelines and interactive tools for recurrent processes (data integration, data matching, data quality screening).

Quality control : review and automate scripts to ensure quality control of the released data integration work.

Data management and analysis: support data extraction, wrangling, analysis and  visualization.

Geospatial data management and analysis: support geospatial work : collect, analyze and structure data on facilities and localities / population, contours for different entities, integration of geospatial information into digitized campaigns.  This also includes the development of web mapping services and the integration of satellite-based information layers into models and databases.

Functional and technical analysis: with the support of the team (software developers, product managers, technical experts, data analysts), analyze our clients’ needs and provide clear recommendations about the best technical solutions

Technical writing: write code documentation, users guidelines, articles and other materials that will be useful to communicate with our clients and other partners

Capacity building: train technical stakeholders in the use of various open-source and in-house Data solutions.


We are looking for candidates with a data science background (engineering, data management or analysis, statistics) and experience with building data pipelines and deploying automated data analysis for public health (or similar) needs.


  • Master degree in a data intensive field Engineering, data management and analysis, statistics, econometry…
  • Strong quantitative and analytical skills
  • Experience with complex data platform design and implementation
  • Working experience with data engineering  (data pipelines programming, complex / big data manipulation),  database management (e.g. SQL), data analysis (e.g. R, Python)
  • Good working knowledge of the Jupyter ecosystem
  • Experience with automated testing software
  • Experience with Docker
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in French and English


  • Experience with BI software (Tableau, PowerBI) is a plus
  • Experience with DHIS2 and ODK is a plus
  • Working experience in Africa, Asia or Latin America is a plus
  • Working experience in Global health, Health financing or Monitoring and Evaluation in another sector a plus
  • Notion of remote sensing
  • Experience with Kubernetes
  • Experience with Airflow
  • Solid base knowledge in GIS

Soft skills

  • Ability to work autonomously
  • Team player with good interpersonal skills
  • Creative thinking skills
  • Clear and structured communication

To summarize

  • Get involved in projects that use data to solve major issues in low- and middle-income countries (Health, Education, Waste management and more)
  • Manage data platforms impacting the lives of thousands of people
  • Work in collaboration with a wide variety of actors within countries (Ministries, Donors, NGOs, Implementing partners, field staff, etc.)
  • Get first hand experience through on-site visits and in-depth situation analysis
  • Join a result-oriented, dynamic & diverse team committed to improve the accessibility and quality of health services, especially for the poorest

Location: Brussels. You will be expected to travel to countries where projects are implemented. Bluesquare is organized by product and project “squads” that require flexibility and role changes.

Interested? Send us your CV, a motivation letter, and 3 references by email to