Bluesquare’s first impact report: Reflecting on a decade in global health

bluesquare 2022 first impact report

Dear friends, Dear colleagues,

2022 marks the 10 year anniversary of Bluesquare. 10 years driven by the vision of a world where every citizen has access to a minimum of health services. 10 years of innovation, failure, resilience, and impact. 10 years of collaborating with many of you.

To celebrate this decade, we are happy to share with you our first-ever impact report.

In this report, we not only showcase our team, services and impact, but we also share with you our reflection on the past decade and our goal for the next one. The mistakes we made along the way, and the opportunities that allowed us to become the digital partner of more than 30 Ministries of Health, funds that invest in global health, research institutes and NGOs.

We also share with you concrete use cases of our projects that contribute to eliminating poliomyelitis, limiting the spread of malaria, understanding the evolution of Covid, improving access to family planning and improving child health.

We hope you’ll enjoy the read and thank you for being along for the ride.