DHIS2 Hosting

Many programs and organizations rely on DHIS2 systems to store and manage vital data used for planning, monitoring, and delivering services. But without a secure, reliable DHIS2 hosting service, problems often arise with erratic periods of system downtime and delays in updating data.

Secure, reliable hosting services for efficient information systems

If your DHIS2 system is unavailable or has unreliable connectivity then your team can’t upload, access, or analyze data. As well as reducing productivity, this can lead to lost data or inaccuracies creeping in.

Bluesquare provides a secure, dependable hosting service for your DHIS2 system, and specialized technical support available when you need it. We offer a complete package of software installation and maintenance, technical support, and training.

We draw on our experience of best practice to develop a hosting system and support package that’s optimized for your program or project needs.

Bluesquare chooses the most reliable and trusted cloud services for your hosting. To safeguard your ownership of your data, we provide each of our clients with a dedicated database.

We understand how important it is for your data to be available 24/7. So we provide daily backups, constant monitoring, and ongoing updates to hosting size.

We’ll make sure you have the latest version of DHIS2, to maximize your system’s durability, interoperability, and ease of use. And we’ll keep your hosting platform up to date with security upgrades and new patches that fix glitches in operating systems. Doing this helps ensure your hosting services are as secure and efficient as possible.

Key services
  • Setting up DHIS2 hosting platforms, including installing a database server and configuring DHIS2 application
  • Configuring your data for initial set-up
  • Providing daily back-ups and monitoring of database and applications
  • Installing version upgrades and security upgrades
  • Troubleshooting ad hoc issues, and advanced technical support if needed
  • Setting up and providing training on DHIS2

How it works

There are three components to the DHIS2 hosting service

1. Set-up: We will install and configure your hosting system, and get it up and running. We’ll also make sure all the security settings and access rights are aligned with your needs. This includes installing a dedicated PostgreSQL database server, installing a dedicated Linux server to run the DHIS Tomcat servlet and configuring the DHIS2 application.
2. Ongoing support: You choose the level of ongoing support you need to keep your hosting running smoothly. We can actively monitor both the database and application server, ensure nightly, external backups of the database servers, install annual version upgrades and all security upgrades and respond to ad hoc technical support queries.
3. Additional support: Depending on your specific project needs and your in-house technical capabilities, you may need further support in some areas. For instance, we can help with setting up DHIS2, how to use it, providing specific advanced technical support, sharing specific best practices on health management information systems, etc.


Get started today with our DHIS2 hosting options below.

150€ For small or testing programs BIlled monthly
Server: 2vCPU, 4GB RAM DB: 2vCPU, 4GB RAM Get started now
250€ Default for standard programs BIlled monthly
Server: 2vCPU, 4GB RAM DB: 2vCPU, 8GB RAM Get started now
450€ For multi instances or HMIS programs BIlled monthly
Server: 4vCPU, 8GB RAM DB: 4vCPU, 16GB RAM Get started now

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DHIS2 Hosting

Secure, reliable hosting services for efficient information systems

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