Data science for health

Each week, huge amounts of data are generated by routine data systems in public health delivery. In theory, this data should support analysis, planning, and delivery of health services. But in practice, many public health decision makers face several common obstacles when using this data. Different siloed data systems are often incompatible, making it harder to compile them for joint analysis. Some data is difficult to access, and of varying quality.

Optimizing data use for smarter public health decision making

Manually finding, compiling, and analyzing data from several different sources is time-consuming, inefficient, and prone to errors.

Bluesquare can help you overcome these challenges to make the best use of your data. We provide specialist data sciences software solutions and support. These enable better, smarter data integration, analysis, and visualization, for data-powered decision making.

Bluesquare will accompany you on the full journey from raw data to actionable insights. We’ll help you understand the technical stack you need, and give you powerful yet affordable tools to make the best use of your data.

Our data integration platform extracts data from a range of data systems to give you a unified overview. We’ll set it up to run the particular kinds of analysis you need, and our in-house team can carry out specific further analysis for you.

Your collaborations with external teams will be stronger because you can share your data securely, use the same infrastructure for data analysis, and generate customized reports and insights.

Reporting and information sharing are easier and more effective with the range of advanced data visualization options we offer.

The insights you gain will equip you to plan and allocate resources more effectively – strengthening both routine service delivery, and preparedness and response for disease outbreaks.

Key services
  • Assessing data integration and visualization needs
  • Setting up and hosting data integration platforms
  • Integrating and mapping multiple and heterogeneous data sources
  • Integrating modeling in data pipelines
  • Setting up routine streams for data processing and monitoring
  • Developing and productivizing routine data analysis and visualization, including dashboards
  • Supporting data use, research, and communication


Excellence in delivering health financing information systems

Bluesquare has delivered data science support to a range of programs in health, performance-based financing, WASH, and education. We’ve collaborated with leading universities around the world to support national health information systems in data-powered decision making.

Our team includes specialists in data science, public health and epidemiology, mobile data collection, and data visualization. 

Key experience

We’ve already helped more than 20 countries to improve aspects of their health planning, monitoring, and resource allocation through smarter leveraging of their data. Previous projects include:

Digital tools to boost your data-powered decision making

Bluesquare has developed the following suite of tools to answer your data sciences needs

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