Monitoring & evaluation

Robust, timely Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) is crucial for running effective and efficient programs and projects. But collecting, organizing, and analyzing all the data from a range of sources and formats can be a headache. Creating genuinely useful, user-friendly – and accurate – reports and insights from the raw data requires even more time, effort, and knowhow.

Deliver better projects through customized Monitoring and Evaluation Information Systems solutions

Bluesquare develops comprehensive M&E platforms for governments, programs, and NGOs to make your monitoring and evaluation easier, faster, and more accurate. These enable rapid, accurate, and versatile data collation, analysis, and reporting.

Our DHIS2-based suite of tools help you extract different types of data from various sources (e.g. HMIS) and unify it within one centralized system. So, you no longer have to spend time checking and collating information across different systems.

Using one of our M&E platforms means you can easily collect and store data in a safe, structured way that protects confidentiality. It also enables easy auditing and tracing of data.

And, once your information’s in the M&E platform, you can take advantage of all kinds of clever, labor-saving tasks.

Automated calculating of indicators ensures accuracy and consistency while saving you time and effort. We can set up the system to automatically generate the routine reports and data tables your project needs at the click of a button.

Do you need to update your partners and stakeholders about how your projects and programs are going? To make it easier to share information, we provide customized online dashboards and other types of enhanced data visualization.

With just a few clicks you can generate graphs, maps, pivot tables, and heatmaps to show the situation on the ground in different ways. While our online dashboards provide an overview of vital project information at a glance. As well as being useful as a central reference point for partners and stakeholders, they also make a fantastic landing page for your project.

Key services
  • Analyzing business needs, data flows, and reporting requirements
  • Integrating data from multiple sources into one centralized M&E platform
  • Setting up advanced data visualization including online dashboards
  • Establishing automatic computation of indicators
  • Setting up automated reporting
  • Developing mobile data collection tools which integrate with the M&E platform
  • Providing training in using the M&E suite of tools based on DHIS2
  • Providing custom development of M&E information solutions to meet specific needs
  • Hosting services for M&E information systems


Excellence in delivering monitoring and evaluation information systems

Bluesquare has set up more than 20 DHIS2-centered M&E information systems for governments, programs, and international agencies. We’ve also created institutional M&E platforms for several non-profit organizations to manage their project portfolios and operations.

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