From lab coat to tablet: meet Bluesquare’s COO

The first impression you get when you meet Romain is his discreet nature, attention to detail, commitment to quality and a dedication to the work he does. So when we asked him to tell us about himself, we wanted to understand how he got where he is today.  

While his journey was not linear we immediately notice a central theme: his commitment to understanding complex problems and his desire to make an impact.

He studied engineering with a focus on the role technology can play in monitoring health systems. This got him started on a path of science and health, which led to a PhD in Biology, majoring in immunology and parasitic diseases. During these years, he spent his time in a lab coat, among beakers. It was a hugely enriching experience, but being away from the world for so long, he decided to shift to a more hands-on role.

This led him to Constances, a population-based epidemiological cohort which gathers critical health data of over 200.000 French adults. His role there focused on building an integrated platform for managing and visualizing data from multiple sources and completing statistical analysis on top. Making health data accessible for researchers and policymakers was a goal he believed in, and was committed to developing.

It was with this in mind that he looked for an opportunity to go towards the developing world. Here is where he was convinced he could have a bolder impact. And in a smaller team, there would be more flexibility and thus an ability to react to the changing landscape quickly. So when he found Bluesquare he did not hesitate to take the opportunity.

With his past experience in both science and technology his skills are a perfect addition to the Program Manager team. In this role he has already taken the lead on a number of exciting initiatives and will be able to help bring the next phase of innovation for Bluesquare.

He is convinced of the game changing potential Bluesquare brings to the table. The possibilities to make leaps and bounds in the way data is managed, used and analysed in the developing world. His focus will be on data analytics and getting more value from the information collected in the field.

We are eager to work together with him towards this goal. Not to mention, getting to know him better (music tastes and all).

His motto “Let yourself take steps outside of the lines, you never know where it may lead.”

Find out more about him here