New webinar series:  Data in practice

Over the past decades, data collection in health systems has improved considerably thanks to mobile data collection solutions, improved data management tools such as DHIS2 and better individual data collection systems. These individual data collection systems, such as ODK, have made it easier to collect and manage patients’ data, services, logistics, infrastructure and many other dimensions of the health systems. 

With these progress, new challenges have emerged. Data collected has to be analyzed and put to use to guide decisions, inform the wider community on health challenges, or give insights on the successes and the failures of health programs. Challenges that emerged include the necessity for improved methods to tackle data quality, the need for results at multiple levels of aggregation for a high number of indicators, and the weakness of certain referentials such as sub-national borders or population distribution. Health data managers and analysts need to use adequate methods and tools to provide the most accurate and useful information to data users. 

To approach these challenges, Bluesquare is launching a new serie of webinars “Data for practice”

These webinars aim at displaying concrete tools and approaches Bluesquare and its partners have been developing and testing for geospatial information systems and the optimization of data use for smarter public health decision making. We will focus on applied and concrete solutions to help mobilize data within the health context, implement advanced analysis, and share results with decision- makers and other data users.

Here are some examples of topics that will be covered

  • Mapping accessibility to healthcare: an example in Niger
  • Geographic and statistical data quality & data use
  • Mobilizing routine data to model health systems result
  • Mastering main Facility Lists: issues, challenges and tools
  • How to plan a successful digital micro-planning
  • Experiences in routine data collection on health infrastructure, facilities and service

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