Update on the new PBF manager app

Update on the new PBF manager app

Last March, following an in-depth training on our Performance-Based Financing tools, we asked our participants how we could improve our tools for all of our users.

6 months later, we are happy to share the updates made to the PBF management tools following these exchanges.

The new updates

A PFB program supported by DHIS2 typically uses a number of apps developed by Bluesquare. They enhance the capabilities of DHIS2 for strategic purchasing: 

  • Hesabu is used to compute complex indicators such as quality of care metrics, performance scores, or payments. 
  • The invoice app is used to make invoices and payment orders available to the manager 
  • DataViz is used as citizen engagement interface 

Over the last months, we have developed a “PBF manager app”, a single DHIS2 application that groups together the different applications used for managing the different components of a PBF program. This app simplifies the overall management of the PBF scheme and provides new features and functionalities. 

Thanks to this “manager”, a PBF data manager will find all your activities in a single menu. Here is what it includes:

1. Managing Contracts

With a single click, it is possible to pull up the history of contracts for any specific health center:

This allows the PBF manager to have a clear view of the program. This is most helpful since the contract data is used in various other aspects of the PBF (for instance Invoice and tariffs)

2. Managing rates/prices/incentives

Bluesquare offers now a module that makes it possible to manage this information by period and for a complete region (what we call a “sub-pyramid”). 

3. Locking Invoices

We have added the ability to “lock” invoices – and thus avoid retroactive changes –  in the “invoice” section, where open or closed statuses are visible to everyone, and where authorized users can decide to block an invoice or reopen it for editing.

4. Miscellaneous Reports

The PBF manager allows programs to generate their own specific reports in the form of Excel tables available each morning via the application or sent directly by email to the team members concerned

5. A view on the rules

To help improve how to understand the complex payment rules in the system, the Hesabu application allows you now to observe the different health care packages, the related activities and the formulas used to calculate the payments

6. Publications

Finally, concerning the public portal, we have revised the publication module to improve the look and feel.

We look forward to sharing these various improvements with you and continuing to work with you on the next evolutions.

If you are interested to know more about the PBF manager, or the Bluesquare DHIS2 suite of tools, please contact us.