Webinar: DHIS2 for logistics and stock management: good / bad idea?

Ce webinaire sera aussi donné en français le vendredi 4 mars 2022!

DHIS2 is an open-source software used in over 70 countries as a National Health Management Information System (NHMIS). It is also used by many development programs as a monitoring and evaluation (M&E) platform. 

Recently, some countries and programs have started using DHIS2 as a supply chain monitoring tool. In recent years, USAID’s Global Health Supply Chain (GHSC) program has funded the development of DHIS2-based supply chain monitoring dashboards in countries such as Mali (OSPSanté) and DRC (Infomed). The University of Oslo – which develops DHIS2 software – has also recently decided to invest in new functionalities for logistics monitoring on the platform and is actively communicating on this topic (https://dhis2.org/logistics/  ). 

In this context, is the DHIS2 platform a good technical option for supply chain tracking? What are its advantages and limitations?

In this session, we will then address the following questions: 

  • What conditions should you check before using DHIS2 for supply chain monitoring?  
  • Which logistics processes can / cannot be supported by the DHIS2 data model? 
  • What are the technical options to boost DHIS2 capacities in order to support your logistics processes? 
  • How does DHIS2 complement and integrate with electronic Logistics Management Information System (e-LMIS) software (e.g. OpenLMIS, m-Supply)?

We will present the DRC case where the MOH and NGOs use DHIS2 in routine for supply chain monitoring.

About the Speakers

Romain Olekhnovitch, the speaker, has a background in bioengineering and statistics and over seven years of experience in data science applied to health, waste management and education. Before joining Bluesquare, Romain worked for Constances, the largest health data platform in France, where he was responsible for the development of an integrated platform for the management, statistical analysis and visualization of data from multiple sources (surveys, medical examinations and large healthcare databases). Romain has also expertise in routine data management and analysis and electronic medical records (EMR).

Guillaume Deflaux, the facilitator, is the Chief Operating Officer at IT4LIFE . He has 15 years of experience in ICT4D. He has led the design and implementation of programs in the areas of health, child protection and juvenile justice in a wide range of contexts and organizations. Guillaume will be the facilitator.