Webinar : Mapping accessibility to healthcare: an example in Niger

Ce webinaire sera aussi donné en français le mardi 31 mai 2022!

In 2015, the United Nations adopted the objective of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) for 2030. However nearly half of the global population is still without access to essential health services. In this context, spatial modeling of healthcare accessibility is an essential tool to optimize the allocation of national and international resources.

To support decision-making in public health funding, Bluesquare offers several modeling products based on geospatial data to measure the impact of investments in terms of population served.

To share its experience on this area, Bluesquare is pleased to invite you to a webinar on “Mapping accessibility to healthcare: an example in Niger”. During this webinaire, Bluesquare will present its work in Niger with the Ministry of Health to measure and identify the populations served by health facilities and to identify potential areas for new health facilities. You will also learn how geographic population distribution data (WorldPop) and health facility data in the national DHIS2 were used for this mapping. This project in Niger is funded by Belgium through Enabel.

Join Yann Forget, Geospatial Data Engineer and Moritz Lennert, Geospatial Data and Health Campaign Digitization Team Lead at Bluesquare for :

This webinar is the first in a serie of webinars entitled “Data in Practice, which aims to present proven approaches and tools for both the implementation of geospatial information systems and the optimization of data to improve and strengthen public health decision-making. Click here to read more.

About the speaker

Yann Forget, Geospatial Data Scientist at Bluesquare

Yann Forget is a geospatial data scientist who holds a PhD from the Université Libre de Bruxelles in quantitative geography. He has 7 years of research experience in fields such as satellite remote sensing, population mapping, risk mapping, spatial epidemiology and healthcare accessibility. As a geospatial data scientist at Bluesquare, his primary role is to design and build data processing pipelines to make geographic data more accessible to partners and clients. He is also involved in the maintenance and the development of health facility registries in several countries.

About the moderator

Moritz Lennert, Geospatial Data and Health Campaign Digitization Team Lead at Bluesquare

Moritz Lennert is a geographer who brings to Bluesquare over 20 years of professional experience in applied and fundamental research and teaching in very diverse fields such as spatial information science and modeling, policy-related spatial analysis, regional development, urban and social geography, and remote sensing. He holds a PhD from the Université Libre de Bruxelles and an MSc in Globalisation and Development from Queen Mary’s, University of London. At the ULB, he created a GIS training course for professionals from developing countries. As a member of the core development team of GRASS GIS and of the OSGeo foundation, he strongly believes in the creation and use of free software and open data.