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November 29th, 2023
  • Epidemic prone diseases surveillance
  • Georegistry
  • Global health
  • Health financing
  • Health supply chain & logistics
  • Malaria, HIV, TB
  • Our products
  • Projects
  • Wash & Environment
  • Join us at the Global Digital Health Forum, December 4-6, Washington, D.C 2023
    Providing high-quality data for decision-making Over the past decade, Bluesquare has cultivated unique expertise in data integration and analytics. Our proficiency spans a range of areas, including […]
    February 24th, 2022
  • Events & webinars
  • Webinaire: DHIS2  pour le suivi de la chaîne d’approvisionnement: bonne/ mauvaise idée ?
    This webinar will also be given in English on Thursday 3rd 2022! DHIS2 est un logiciel open source utilisé dans plus de 70 pays comme Système National […]
    May 24th, 2018
  • Life @Bluesquare
  • From lab coat to tablet: meet Bluesquare’s COO
    The first impression you get when you meet Romain is his discreet nature, attention to detail, commitment to quality and a dedication to the work he does. […]
    June 12th, 2021
  • Epidemic prone diseases surveillance
  • Global health
  • Malaria, HIV, TB
  • Press
  • Projects
  • L’Echo: Bluesquare, the (not so) small Belgian who seduces the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
    Original article written by Simon Souris for L’Echo. Inefficiencies in the development aid funding chain have damaging consequences: every year, several billion euros collected from private donors […]
    September 29th, 2021
  • Events & webinars
  • Will you use DHIS2 Tracker for Beneficiary monitoring after this webinar?
    Programs often require to follow up with individual patients, beneficiaries or items over time, for both operational and reporting reasons. We have seen use cases such as:  […]

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