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Improving DHIS2 to DHIS2 data integration

The issue: a regular yet complex data exchange

Countries and organisations regularly set up multiple DHIS2 instances, with each instance serving a different purpose. There is further complexity when these instances require regular data exchanges.

The DHIS2 offers integration tools but its limits are quickly reached and the technical difficulty to transfer large volumes of data can become a burden. Very often, these functions are not sufficient. Yet, it is necessary to automate and schedule data exports, manage changes in the data structure as well as visualise errors and data exchange processes. This is why a reliable and speedy synchronization mechanism is required. The solution: helping you manage data flows across multiple DHIS2 platforms

To resolve this, Bluesquare developed a plug and play tool that allows two DHIS2 databases to “communicate” with each other: D2d (DHIS2 to DHIS2). This application allows enhanced data exchanges between various DHIS2 instances.

D2d works according to the following steps:

1. The source and destination of the data exchange are defined in the interface. 2. D2d helps you visualize and compare the data in the source and in the destination instance of DHIS2. 3. The interface helps you map which data should be transferred where. 4. You then schedule the data transfer at a frequency that can be defined. 5. The tool manages the transfer to the destination platform A full report of the data transfer with skipped or erroneous data is produced.

A last but not least key feature of D2D is its ability to spot discrepancies between source and target metadata, and to align them as you wish. This is a key step in enabling users to synchronize data.


An interface to manage one time and scheduled data exchange

D2d provides an interface to manage the data exchange, whether it is a one time exchange or a regularly scheduled data flow. It allows you to connect multiple DHIS2 relevant to your program and organise the data exchange. It helps you define where in the pyramids data comes from and where it is sent. D2d reduces parallel data collection efforts since no additional data collection or data entry in the field are needed.


Why should you use it?

A simple and customizable tool

D2D makes the synchronisation of data across DHIS2 platforms easy to setup, easy to maintain, easy to schedule, easy to update. The tool supports data exchanges in a bi-directional way if required.

A smart tool that keeps you updated

What happens when your organizational unit pyramid changes, or your data set changes? D2d is a smart tool that can automatically update the data sets. The tool will match organizational units and suggest potential corresponding organizational units. If you have changes in the meta-data, D2d provides updates on the changes and allows you to take actions if you want to.


Security, traceability and transparency

Besides its simplicity, D2d guarantees a high level of security. Plugged into both the source and the destination of the DHIS2 instances as a standard user, D2d complies with the user role and sharing settings defined in DHIS2. The metadata mapping, including the organisation unit mapping, is retained to keep traceability of the data.

The Bluesquare D2d Service

We will help you use the tool and get the most of it. We provide advice and best practice on how to organize your data transfer, align the metadata that needs to be synchronized. We help you in your decision to determine how often to schedule automatic data exchanges and will support you if you have any question or trouble.

D2d in numbers

As of September 2022, we have 18.000.000 data transferred per month and 85 instances.

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