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A successful health program requires good communication.

The issue: a long list of stakeholders

A health program must communicate different messages to different stakeholders. While the general public wants to be informed about how the program improves their lives, donors want to know how their money is being invested. Simultaneously, internal stakeholders need to know the importance of maintaining their activities. This all contributes to a program’s continuous success and funding.

While DHIS2 provides a lot of options for detailed dashboards and reports, it is mostly geared towards experts and direct users of the program. Yet, there is a much broader set of potential users that could be interested in DHIS2. In fact, Dataviz does not require any sort of login, it provides a limited but clear set of information, allows for easy navigation and drill down and offers a narrative to explain the data.


Our solution: Dataviz, a web-based ergonomic public potal

DataViz uses selected data from DHIS2 platforms and transforms it into a user friendly portal accessible to any interested party.

The portal is highly customizable, enabling users to decide which data to show, the kind of visualization to apply for each area and the levels of the map to allow zooming too, etc. It also allows publishing posts or documents related to the program, serving as a de facto home page for it.

The configuration is done directly from DHIS2 using a dedicated DHIS2 application that allows the data manager to update the portal and select the data they want to make public.


Why should you use it?

Great work deserves great visibility

Every program is the result of the hard work of many people – most of them are anonymous to the funder or general public. Dataviz is a way to get your program the visibility it deserves and tells its story in a quick and simple way.

Fast to set up, accessible to everyone, easily maintainable

With the integrated DHIS2 manager, you can have your portal up and running on your program data in a few hours. Show only the data you want, decide on the visualisation to use (from heatmap to bar charts) and start publishing.

The portal itself provides a simple and easy to navigate interface, which allows to go from a general national view to a single data series in a specific health center in a few clicks.


Keep people updated about your progress

In addition to the continuously up-to-date data, Dataviz offers you a simple way to communicate news of progress about your program to keep your audience informed.

Dataviz in numbers

More than 30 portals have been deployed through DataViz. The tool is in use by various kinds of programs such as Performance based finance, Health Facility registries and Monitoring & Evaluation

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